DESIGNER OF TRUMP GRAMMYS DRESS: Immigrant, Gay Activist, Sarah Palin Fan

OPINION | Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those held by Sarah Palin.
Andre Soriano is an immigrant and a gay activist. The fashion designer is also a Christian and a supporter of President Donald Trump. That combination doesn’t sit well with liberals. Despite that well known venom that spews toward those who buck the bullying, Soriano went against the grain and created a pro-Trump, Make America Great Again dress for singer Joy Villa to wear at the Grammys. Earlier this month Villa did just that. Now, Soriano’s new number is perhaps the second most famous blue dress in political history.  
When Villa donned the dress for the Donald on the red carpet at the Grammys, it sent shock waves throughout the world. Patriots and the commonsense crowd smiled, while liberal heads exploded. A beautiful black woman wearing a dress in support of our President rocks leftists to the core. Abortion and crime don’t even register as blips on their radar, but a pro-Trump statement like this is taken personally by the disciples of Barack Hussein Obama. Soriano and Villa are being applauded by deplorables for their boldness.
“I didn’t plan on this,” Soriano said while appearing on The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio. In fact, Soriano had a completely different dress for Villa at first. The original was yellow, orange, and red. There was no mention of Trump or politics in sight. But then the pink hat parade took place. Madonna opened her mouth about bombing the White House. Soriano had heard enough. He decided to hit back against the false narratives that are dividing our nation. The Trump dress idea was born.
“I have so much love for this country” said Soriano. “It’s given me so much opportunity. We just need to move it forward.” Soriano is giving things a big league push.
When Soriano thought of the Trump dress, he first asked Villa if she voted for the Republican. When she informed him that she did indeed cast her ballot for DJT, Soriano knew that was the AOK he needed to get to work.  
So, he took his own Make America Great Again flag from his front porch and started to make the dress. Throughout the process, Soriano thought of the phrases ‘Stop hate’ and ‘Share love’. He feels President Trump’s policies embody those messages. 
“America First is all about American people in our beautiful country,” Soriano said.  As a legal immigrant himself, Soriano particularly supports Trump’s stance on our borders. Soriano’s family left the Philippines years ago to flee the Marcos regime–a decision he is grateful for. He thanks his mother for giving him a shot at the American dream.
According to Soriano, the outpouring of support since he designed the Trump dress has been “so amazing”. He is appreciative of our exceptional land and the opportunities that are here. “God bless America,” Soriano said. “That’s what really happened. It’s the spirit of the American people that has been shut down by the elites.” That will not be tolerated anymore, if the Trumps and Sorianos of the world have their way.
Not only is Soriano a Trump man, he’s also a Palinista. “I love Governor Palin,” said Soriano. “She’s amazing. I’m one of her biggest fans.” Despite what we hear and see about Hollywood in the press, Soriano is not alone. He believes there are many more people in the entertainment world who are warming up to conservatism, but may be too scared to speak out. Soriano contends we need to reach out to “closet Trumps” and bombard them with love, the same way Soriano has been lauded since his big Grammy night.  
“I really hope that we really made a difference because it’s all about peace and unity,” Soriano said. “Give (Trump) a chance for four years and even eight . He’s already bringing jobs here. It’s so amazing.”
So, what’s next for Soriano? That’s yet to be revealed, but he’s open to suggestions. Maybe a Mama Grizzly dress? Soriano loves that idea and indicates it could happen. No matter what’s in store, this American dream certainly bears watching.
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