PALIN: Martin Luther King, Jr. Engaged In The Most Worthy Cause Of His Day

Today, it is uplifting to see honor bestowed on he who will forever be seen as the face of the movement to ensure equal opportunity for all.

It is inspiring to recall MLK, Jr.’s efforts, knowing they were not in vain. America’s landscape changed so much for the better through the enlightening movement that didfinally confirm and codify acknowledgement that all men are created equal. Henceforth, our government would never sanction racial discrimination.

As powerful, the movement led by King caused long-overdue cultural change resulting in equal treatment regardless of skin color. It would be the norm. It would be unfathomable to think otherwise.

I’m eternally grateful to have grown up in the era of such positive aftermath of activists’ sacrifices.

King’s niece, Alveda King, shares insight into the civil rights movement that too many choose to ignore today. King’s leadership covered a multi-faceted mission; his passion to protect the God-given right to life and liberty covered ALL life. One can not censor this out of MLK, Jr. Day: