JUST IN: Comey May Have Lied To Congress…

UNITED STATES - JUNE 8: Former FBI Director James Comey testifies about his dealings with President Trump during a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on June 8, 2017. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

​Former FBI Director James Comey may have lied under oath during his congressional hearing yesterday.

In the hearing, Comey explained that he had a friend reveal the contents of a memo (detailed notes of his private conversation with Trump) because of comments Trump posted to Twitter on May 12.

The problem is that the New York Times (the source to which Comey leaked his memo) published an article with information suspiciously accurate to his memo on May 11.

Per Medium:

It alleges that Comey’s testimony that he was motivated to leak info to the NYT by the Trump “you better hope there are no tapes” tweet cannot be true, because the NYT began publishing articles based on Comey leaks before Trump even made the “tapes” tweet.

This is, however, not 100% certain because there are two NYT articles in question. Both seem like they were derived from Comey leaks, but we only know for certain that one (the later one, published on May 16th after the Trump tweet) was, because Comey told us so today.

The timeline of events may show Comey lied:

Here’s the timeline as it stands:

MAY 11 — NYT reports that two Comey “associates” leaked information about a one-on-one dinner between Trump and Comey in which Trump asked for Comey’s loyalty. The article makes no mention of a memo, but contains information about the private conversation so detailed that it would be weird if it weren’t derived from a memo written by Comey after the dinner. It makes little sense that “associates” of Comey would remember the verbiage of the conversation with such detail, and then independently leak that verbiage without any direction from Comey himself, particularly when Comey admitted that he was willing to make such leaks only a week later.

May 12 — Trump tweets that Comey had better hope there weren’t recordings of the dinner that would go against the quotes in the May 11 NYT article. That tweet makes a whole lot more sense now that Comey was leaking. Trump was saying to Comey: “I know you’re the leak, and I might have recordings of our actual conversation that will prove that you’re lying.”

Somewhere in between May 12-May 16 — Comey, according to Comey, wakes up in the middle of the night and feels the sudden need to leak a memo from February to the NYT.

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May 16 — NYT prints another article alleging that Trump asked Comey to leave Flynn alone. The source of this article is specifically listed as a Comey memo recorded by Comey after an Oval Office meeting in February.


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