Armed And Dangerous, Robbers Bust Into A Restaurant, But Run Into An Employee PACKING HEAT

​Three people busted into a Quiznos in Salt Lake City, UT armed and intending to rob the restaurant.

Acting quickly, an employee drew a firearm of her own and deescalated the situation.

Per Daily Wire:

Three people – one female and two males – entered the Quiznos with two firearms. One of the robbers was trying to procure money from the cash register from one of the two employees there. The second employee was in the back, where she attempted to block the robbers from entering by using her body to push on the door.

The employee was carrying a firearm at the time and used it to deter the robbers:

Eventually, the employee pulled out a gun and fired it multiple times. One of the shots struck the female robber in the neck, prompting the other two robbers to flee the scene with money stolen from the register. The female suspect is currently in serious condition at the hospital and her identity has not been released yet.

The two other male suspects are still on the loose.

The robbers might have caused further damages had it not been for the employee’s use of the firearm:

Detective Greg Wilking told FOX 13 that it was an “extreme type of robbery.”

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“We’re talking about a situation where they’re locking the door, they’re forcing their way into the back room; it’s a takeover-style robbery,” said Wilking. “It’s not something that we see very often, much more dangerous for everybody involved.”

Therefore, the female employee’s use of a gun in self-defense prevented a terrifying situation from escalating further.