Report: Despite History Of Voting Issues, Broward Election Official Says Racism ‘Probably’ Why People Have An Issue With Her

The elections in Florida are still not decided, more than ten days after polls closed last Tuesday. Part of the reason: Broward Country Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Snipes did not turn over voter tallies on the night of the election, or the day after, or the day after. She did not reveal pertinent information relating to the total number of ballots which were cast on election day, how much each candidate had received, and how many were left to be counted. This information, by state and federal law, is required to be publically shared.

Republican senatorial candidate Rick Scott held a 58,000-vote lead on election night but saw his lead diminish as votes were slowly emerging. Finally, enough voter information was turned over and Scott saw his lead dwindle to just under 15,000 votes.

This small lead then led Florida’s secretary of state to order a machine recount.

Days later, Snipes was supposed to turn over the machine recount totals. She did, two minutes after the deadline, nulling the new total (which gave Scott more than 700 additional votes).

From BizPac Review:

Citing broken down machines, Palm Beach County didn’t make much effort to get to the finish line, while Broward raced to the deadline and actually finished the recount before 3 p.m.

But in a display of incompetence so egregious it’s hard to believe it wasn’t planned, Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes supiciously turned the new figures in two minutes after the deadline, Judicial Watch reported:

A Judicial Watch investigative team is on the ground monitoring the debacle in south Florida and attorneys were present in Broward until the recount was completed just minutes before the clock ran out. However, the county uploaded the results two minutes too late which means the state will likely stick to the original tallies submitted on Saturday.

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This is not the first time or first election that Snipes has fumbled either, Fox News reports.

Snipes, who has held her office since 2003, is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, Scott’s administration said it was monitoring her office after a judge ruled in May the county broke federal law by destroying ballots in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s 2016 Democratic primary race against Tim Canova, Politico reported.

Snipes claimed the issue had been “blown out of proportion.”


In August, a judge sided with the Florida GOP in its challenge of how the county handled absentee ballots. Republicans claimed Snipes’ office was opening ballots in private, preventing people from challenging if they were properly cast, according to Politico.

And then in 2016, Broward County violated the law when it posted early voting results online before polls even closed, the Miami Herald reported.


In 2004, her office had to scramble to send out new absentee ballots after it said some 58,000 voters did not receive them despite requesting them, the Sun-Sentinel reported at the time.

There were problems with absentee ballots this year, too. Multiple people said they did not receive absentee ballots or got them too late to submit them, according to the Miami Herald. Some ballots also had duplicate pages, voters said.

“This is consistent. It happens every election. Every election there is a snafu of some type every time,” Benjamin Bennett, a former Broward elections inspector, alleged.

Snipes, responding to criticism, seemingly ignored her shaky track record and instead said racism was “probably” the reason people are critical of her, the Guardian reported.

Brenda Snipes, elections supervisor of Broward county, was condemned by Republicans and Democrats after failing to submit tallies in the US Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson on schedule.

In a short interview, Snipes, 75, said: “You know, the protesters have been claiming stuff all week so whatever they’re doing, that’s what they’re doing. That’s what they feel like they need to do.”

Asked if she felt it was racially motivated, the supervisor replied: “Probably. Probably.” She declined to elaborate.



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    Ansari spent seven seasons knocking out jokes as the foolish striver Tom Haverford on NBC’sParks and Recreationand two years ago joined the ranks of stand ups who’vesold out Madison Square Garden. But this Netflix series is considered the most personal work of his life, and today he has reason to be frazzled. Not only is he directing this episode but he’s also in almost all of it, AsMaster of None’s hopeless passionate hero, Dev Shah, Who’s generally Ansari, Just less reliable a fledgling New York actor, Living off a Go Gurt business oriented he once did, come across love and some tasty tortellini.

    this process season, Dev falls for an unavailable woman, And Ansari wrote so much good stuff that he asked Netflix to make the penultimate episode a two parter. creatively, it is coup; Logistically, not really. wow, And half the debate isn’t working.

    Ansari, 34, Has a voice one octave down from your local neighborhood chipmunk’s, With a slight sc accent that gets thicker the more excited he gets. His white sneakers look pretty fly and his iPhone is filled with Italian ballads from the 1960s. He’s the son of Muslim immigrants from southern region India, just as soon as had a colloquial fluency in Tamil, Though he now uses the appropriate language, He cracks, Mostly to have secret chats with his family around white people. And it is an outstanding sight, of these fraught times, to visit him, Both in advance of and behind the camera, Leading the charge of this ambitious single camera comedy that he created with Yang, having the son of Taiwanese immigrants.

    warriors conflict is depicted in”moms,a chapter thatwon Ansari and Yang a comedy writing Emmy, And that starred Ansari’s actual dad, Shoukath, the latest gthe lateststroenterologist, And mummy, Fatima, Who runs Shoukath’s medical areas. As their son not too long joked about them in his monologue whilehostingSaturday Night Live, They’ve moved once since coming to America in early 1980s, From sc to North Carolina, So it’s pretty useless to tell them to return to India.

    Master of Noneand thatSNLmoment have marked a level for Ansari, Whose comedy in the past decade has been almost anti political. Longtime fans seem to know that he’s from the South than that his parents are immigrants. Ansari is not personally religious and he feels cumbersome being pointed to as a model Muslim American, not likely, he says, on account that he’s ashamed but thanks to “Religious people deserve a better fellow member than a guy who’s doing a show about fing and drinking and eating pork all the time, His introduction to mainstream America came as the smoothness of Haverford onParks,The fourth banana in the suburbs Indiana parks department so eager for fame and fortune that he gave himself the Waspiest name possible and glued red carpet to the insides of his shoes.

    And now Ansari finds himself in the tricky position of achieving his peak precense, After so many years to avoid being typecast, At an occasion when half of America is thirsting for its Katniss Everdeen and Ansari, As arguably the most famous Indian guy in a rural area, And someone whose family is me affected every time an anti Muslim screed comes out of the White House, appearance the part, Whether he wants it or otherwise.

    There’s alwaysbeen something not going about Aziz Ansari’s rise. Or as his coach, chelsea Rock, leaves it, “i believe easy path to stand up, But an Indian kid from sc? that is certainly certainly some journey. he’d to bereallyfunny, to, He grew up among white kids in Bennettsville, A capital of scotland – 9000, Where his family moved because there was a job chance for his dad. specific Ansaris Aziz, His as well as father and Aniz, Seven years his junior basically composed the full Indian, And muslim, folks. (correctly, Aniz tells me there was clearly one other Indian family, With whom they didn’t socialise.)

    Aziz left town at age 16 to check a boarding school for gifted math students. He noticed racism, Like seeing patients request a doctor except his dad, But it didn’t dominate his your life. His big dream wasn’t starting comedy, It was leaving south carolina. “Just moving to new york seemed crazy, he admits that. “I remember listening to this guy from my hometown that lived in New York, And i used to be like, ‘Wow! That guy lives in texas?’ which enough, He ended up being at NYU, Majoring in corporate with a minor in journalism. “Coasted becoming true Indian, he admits that. “graduated with honours while coasting,

    He’d also graduated from cracking up his NYU dorm mates to an obsession with stand up comedy and later a popularity viaHuman Giant,The sketch comedy show he co created with Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and Jason Woliner that ran on MTV for two periods, beginning in 2007. More than any other comic of this time, He came to epitomise what quite a few people liked to see as the post race idyll of the Obama years a very loud, Very funny guy who were Indian, And who liked pacing around a stage doing rants about bedsheet thread-count or telling insane stories involving Kanye West (a friend), R. kelly felix and Seal. (He and furthermore Kanye, there has, Don’t hang out the direction they used to. “It’s because anyone, player, They get married and have kids and due to see them,)

    Parksco creators Mike Schur and Greg Daniels liked him so much they cast him before they’d even settled on the method of their show. Schur says they’d just write in the text “this is the time Aziz gets to do whatever he wants” every time they needed a scene to be funnier. “He was just this undeniable talent, Schur proclaims. “needless to say, a part of the reason he stood out is that he looked different, He sounded special, He had other cultural touchstones. But if his name weren’t Aziz Ansari and you had only ever heard him talk, you will not know what his ethnicity was,

    Much of this was a alert choice on Ansari’s part. He’d taken a company line, at the outset of his career, To turn down stereotypically Indian parts an event he mined for season one’s other standout episode,Indians on the telly,In which Dev competes with uncle Ravi (Ravi Patel) For a role on a sitcom, Just to be told there is able to be one Indian guy per show.

    “When I first started out, There were a couple of times where it was like, ‘We would love you to come in for this thing.’ I’d be similar to, ‘Do I must do an accent?’ and they are like, ‘Yeah,or,–” Ansari tells people. “i’d been like, ‘I don’t need to do it.’ I do not have anything against people that do it, But I just kind of decided in my head that if I did posting time, I would get asked to do it every, Because even then I knew that people have a restricted imagination for what your talent is,

    He wanted to be in movies and he wanted to explore some emotional range as an actor, But at any time when he tried to branch out, He ran into a second sort of typecasting, As the guy who could only play exceptionally loud, Outsize people like Tom. authorities adored Ansari’s vision. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos tells me he’s content with viewership numbers, But in addition to that, With evidence that the show is breaking through the Zeitgeist, As people go on self guided tours of the New York businesses featured on the program. “I’ve been in bars and heard people say, ‘This is the eaterie they went to inMaster of None.or,–”

    that’s all, of course, Before a man won the presidency while essentially promising to ban people like Ansari’s family from entering the particular. to produce Ansari, election Night was brutal. Season two was fully written and had started take shots, And he needed to be on set at five the next morning. “for some reason fed with him, replies Wareheim. “It was hard for him to get in charm and be silly,

    By coincidence, They were shooting a flashback montage based on some thing happened to Aniz in New York after 9/11, When he was crossing the street and someone yelled, “return to Pakistan, in the long run, They cut the chain. “Does seeing someone who looks like me starring in a show now mean something different than it did a year ago? yep, I would go along with that, affirms Ansari. “But this show not necessarily about, ‘Oh, Aziz is back to a few finger to Trump.'”

    But while theMaster of Noneuniverse can exist in a parallel reality, Ansari has to live in this one. in about June 2016, He wrote an op ed in the Timesabout how Trump’s anti Muslim rhetoric made him afraid for his family (rrncluding a tweeturging the then candidate to “Go f him self”) Which was the first time many of his longtime fans realised he’d grown up Muslim.

    if so, In a master move,SNLtapped him to host on the day after Trump’s inauguration. Ansari came to tackle: “Pretty cool to be familiar with, despite the fact, He’s probably at home chances are watching a brown guy make fun of him, proper, He went on to offer a solution for ending Islamophobia just stop playing that scary ass Homelandmusic each time a Muslim person is praying on TV. “oh yeah, this is why, I’m so remorseful, shows Ansari, Sarcastically. “If you work really hard on something and the only person that’s upset with it is Chris Brown, You did a fantastic job. If he’s the only real guy you couldn’t reach, job well done,

    What get rid of saw, even so, Were the 100 give a presentation sets Ansari had done, mainly at New York’s Comedy Cellar, Over the path of a month to get ready for his nine minutes on air. He’d skipped the holiday season at home and performed up to nine times in a night. to be able to Rock, That’s what Ansari had to do to get away from his comfort zone.

    “from the he was running his Set by me and he would do all this relationship stuff, tells Rock, “And i thought i was like, ‘Dude, could insane. You can’t be onSaturday Night Livethe day after the inauguration and talk about getting a girlfriend. today, You must be George Carlin. You gotta be political.’ And my man moved into another gear,

    Ansari realised this was a platform he had to use. “you have to accept, ‘OK, I’m in this situation, I have to be somewhat sensible.or,–” And when it came time to figure out backyard walls to cut for time, according to him, “It’s as with, ‘Well, i’ll keep that Islamophobia thing in because no one else can really talk about that.'”.

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