U.S. Woman Killed On Thanksgiving By Illegal Immigrant

A sixth-grade teacher in Texas was killed during the early morning hours of Thanksgiving after an illegal immigrant struck her with his vehicle and fled the scene.

The hit-and-run did not make mainstream media headlines as many of the outlets were busy pushing pieces critical of President Trump, who is trying to defend the U.S.-Mexico border from a looming thousands-strong migrant caravan.

Daily Mail reports that 28-year-old Amanda Ferguson Weyant was hit while crossing a crosswalk by 24-year old Joel Velazquez, who is in the country illegally and was “out on bond for an assault charge dating back to 2017 in El Paso.”

From the report:

He appears to be in the country illegally and is now currently on an ICE detention hold, related to his immigration status, meaning he cannot bond out of jail.

If he could, his bond is set at $125,000. On Friday police identified Weyant, 28, as the pedestrian killed by the alleged hit-and-run driver.

Police said Velasquez struck and killed Weyant at 1.45 am on November 22, 2018 at Mesa and Cincinnati street, police said.

Weyant was using a crosswalk when she was hit by Velazquez’ car, police said.

And, via Kfox14:

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Police say he blew through a red light just before 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

That’s when he hit Amanda “Mandy” Ferguson Weyant, who was in the crosswalk, and took off. Police later found his vehicle abandoned on Cincinnati.

Mandy was a sixth grade teacher at Eastwood Heights Elementary School.

The community has been mourning her throughout the holiday weekend.

Mandy’s father, Dan Ferguson, told Kfox14: “He’s destroyed my family. My daughter, Mandy, was the glue that held my family in place, she was my everything.”

He continued: “I saw where my daughter was hit and where her body was 50 feet from the point of contact. He didn’t even attempt to stop to render aid.”

And, “This man, because of his careless actions, has destroyed a complete family.”

The rest of the family offered similar sentiments as they each try to understand the gripping loss of their daughter and best friend, via Daily Mail:

The family explained that they learned Velazquez had a criminal past and was in the country illegally.

‘It just doesn’t add up, it doesn’t seem to be fair’, said Ferguson.

Mandy’s parents are trying to find peace in the memories and the joy their daughter brought to so many people.

‘She was my world, she was my wife’s best friend but she was my baby girl,’ said Ferguson

But they also want accountability and justice for Mandy.

‘Everything was perfect in her life and to have it all taken and senselessly destroyed this is something no parent should go through’, said Ferguson.