Looking For A Christmas Miracle: Carrie Underwood Is Asking For Help To Save A Pregnant Mother’s Life

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The unfortunate reality of the Christmas season is while millions of families across the country are gathering together in celebration of the holidays, some others are in a fight for their lives and are in need of a Christmas miracle.

Susie Rebaca, a pregnant mother of three in Carson, California, was recently diagnosed with the most aggressive form of Leukemia and is reaching out to those on social media who could potentially help her.

“So a couple months ago I found out I had leukemia, so I’m looking for a match, a bone marrow transplant match,” Rabaca said to FOX 11.

“There’s 30 million people registered on BeTheMatch.org and none of them are my match, so what I need people to do is join and they send you a kit, a little swab for your mouth, send it back, and if you’re my match it’s as simple as a blood draw, and that can possibly save my life.”

Via the report:

Rabaca says her children and her family have been her support system through the emotional process, but said they are all scared for her.

“My 4-year-old, she just holds my hand, grabs my bald head, she just yeah, she’s my Little Rock,” she said.

Because Rabaca’s DNA profile is a mix of Caucasian and Latina, it’s more complicated to find her a bone marrow match.

Unfortunately, only her sister came remotely close with five out of ten necessary traits matching.

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She needs somebody to match all ten, and she is begging people to register on BeTheMatch.org to potentially save her life.

Rabaca is currently pregnant with twins and is desperately seeking a bone marrow donor who matches ten necessary traits so she and her children can live together.

“Finding my match is everything to me, so I can be here for the three children I have, and the two that I have on the way, it’s everything,” she said. “It’s so easy, there’s no painful procedure, there’s no surgery it’s just swab your mouth and it’s as simple as a blood draw, and you can save somebody’s life, if not mine, somebody elses.”

Country music icon Carrie Underwood, who is currently pregnant with her second child, shared Rabaca’s story over Twitter and asked that her supporters spread the word in case someone is a match.

“Just came across this story…who wants to save a life for Christmas?” the famed icon tweeted.