Judge Sets Bail At $1 Million Each For Alleged Lancaster Rioters

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Breitbart reported that the bail for most of the 13 individuals arrested in connection to a riot that erupted after a man brandishing a knife was shot by the Lancaster Police Department has been set at $1 million a by a judge in Pennsylvania.

Twelve adults and one juvenile were each arrested for their alleged roles in a riot required the Lancaster Police to deploy tactical devices such as tear gas to stop the vandalism to surrounding structures and attacks on the police station.

Lancaster Police bodycam footage reportedly shows a Lancaster Police officer shooting Ricardo Munoz while he is allegedly attacking the officer with a knife.

The 27 year old was shot in front of his mother’s house, who is a Lancaster resident.

A group of protestors initially gathered at the scene of the shooting. The group moved towards the police station, leaving destruction in their wake. The mob reportedly launched glass bottles and bricks at buildings on their path. Police reported liquid-filled glass jugs being launched out of the mob towards several targets.

Talia Gessner (18), Taylor Enterline (20), Kathryn Patterson (20), Yoshua Dwayne Montague (23), Jamal Shariff Newman (24), T-Jay Fry (28), Dylan Davis (28), Lee Alexander Wise (29), Barry Jones (30), Matthew Modderman (31), Jessica Marie Lopez (32), and Frank Gaston (43) are facing a slew of charges that include riot, arson, institutional vandalism, and criminal conspiracy. Montague was also reportedly charged with a firearms violation.

The juvenile is facing marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, propulsion of missiles onto a roadway, possession of instruments of crime, and institutional vandalism.

The Lancaster Police stated that Gaston was on probation during his arrest and this would impact his current case.

“Lancaster Stands Up” is a local advocacy group that called the bail “politically motivated” and claimed that two people arrested were actually medics that were wrongfully arrested.

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The bail amount also came under fire from Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who called it “blatantly unconstitutional.”

“It’s self-evidently unconstitutional,” Fetterman told Lancaster Online. “Whatever the merit of the underlying charges, what is absolutely indefensible is a million dollar bail for those charges.”

The officer involved in the shooting was responding to a 911 call placed by Munoz’s mother, who said that her son was getting “aggressive” and attempted to break into her home.

His family has said he has a history of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and was not taking his medication at the time.

Munoz was scheduled to go on trial for allegedly slashing four people in a knife attack in 2019.