Donald Trump: ‘I’m Not Joking’ About Debate Drug Test For Joe Biden

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According to Breitbart, President Donald Trump told the media in a press conference on Sunday that he was not joking when he said that he wants Joe Biden to take a drug test before the start of the presidential debate on Tuesday.

President Trump said; “No. I’m not joking,” when asked about a tweet suggesting the drug test for the former vice president.

“I’m willing to take a drug test, I think he should too.” he added.

President Trump stated that the Democrats’ presidential nominee appeared “out of it” in the early debates held in the primaries and believes that performance-enhancing drugs could have helped Biden during his last debate against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

President Trump said about Biden; “He was okay. I mean, he wasn’t great; he wasn’t terrible; he was okay,”

He raised concerns about how Biden was able to suddenly improve his performance after appearing to struggle early in the presidential primaries.

“People say he was on performance-enhancing drugs; a lot of people have said that, a lot of people have written that,” the president claimed.

Members of the media pressed the president on what sources were claiming that Biden was using prescription medication.

“You can check out the internet, you’ll see, plenty of people say it,” Trump told the journalists attending the press conference. “And whether he is or not, doesn’t matter; he can take a test and I can take a test too.”

This is not the first time that President Trump has raised concerns about Joe Biden being assisted by performance-enhancing drugs.

Last week, President Trump said about Biden; “Don’t underestimate him, look, he’s been doing this for 47 years,”. The president added; “You never know. They give him a big fat shot in the ass and he comes out, and for two hours, he’s better than ever before.”

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