Biden Campaign Pushes For One Break Every Thirty Mins During Debates, Trump Campaign Responds, ‘Our Guy Doesn’t Need Breaks’ [Opinion]

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According to Fox News, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh confirmed that the Biden campaign requested breaks during the debate after 30 minutes.

“Joe Biden’s handlers several days ago agreed to a pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces but today abruptly reversed themselves and declined,” Murtaugh said.

“Biden’s handlers have asked for multiple breaks during the debate, which President Trump doesn’t need, so we have rejected that request,” he continued.

“On top of the refusal to take a drug test, it seems pretty obvious that the Biden team is looking for any safety net they can find in the hours leading up to the debate. With his 47 years as a failed Washington politician, how much help does Biden want?”

Over the last several weeks, sources told Fox News, the former vice president’s campaign has also requested two breaks — one every 30 minutes — to break up the 90-minute commercial-free program. But that request has been denied by their Trump counterparts, the sources said.

A Trump campaign source told Fox News that “our guy doesn’t need breaks. He gives 90-minute speeches all the time.”

Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, called the Trump campaign’s request “absurd” in a call with reporters. She also denied the claim that the campaign had asked for breaks.

Trump has asked the Biden campaign to allow a third party to inspect the ears of each debater for electronic devices or transmitters. However, the Biden campaign is rejecting this request.

The Trump campaign claimed Biden’s campaign had agreed to such an inspection before reversing themselves.

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