‘Horrible Emails’: Trump Slams Biden Over Hunter’s Alleged Laptop, Says He ‘Owes An Explanation To The American People’

President Trump and Joe Biden faced off for another Presidential debate, and this time, Trump slammed Joe Biden for his son’s alleged email scandal, according to Fox News.

“All of the emails … the horrible emails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family. And Joe, you were vice president when some of this was happening.”

“And it should’ve never happened,” Trump said. “I think you owe an explanation to the American people.”

Biden responded: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life.” Turning to attack Trump, Biden added: “We learned this president paid 50 times the tax in China, has a secret bank account with China. Does business in China.”

“I have released all of my tax returns … 22 years of my tax returns,” Biden said. “You have not released a single solitary year of your tax returns … what are you hiding?”

More from Fox News:

The final debate of the 2020 presidential election between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden involved heated but substantive exchanges between the bitter rivals on issues from the coronavirus to the economy.

The debate came against the backdrop of one of the busiest times ever in modern American politics, with the Senate working on a Supreme Court confirmation; the pandemic still raging and Congress working on an economic relief bill to deal with its fallout; revelations about the nature of Russian and Iranian meddling in the election; and much more.

All of this of course comes 12 days before Election Day and as Americans are casting ballots daily due to the increased emphasis on mail-in voting during the pandemic — which has spawned a bevy of election lawsuits, themselves their own major political issue.

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