Elon Musk Reveals Whether He’ll Be Voting Republican or Democrat

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In a bombshell statement, multi-billionaire Elon Musk says he is planning to vote for a Republican for the first time in his life.

“I have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, historically,” Musk explained, adding “like, I’m not sure, I might never have voted for a Republican, just to be clear.”

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“Now this election, I will,” Musk said, confirming that he’ll vote Republican. You can watch the clip below.

“It’s hard to tell what Biden’s doing, to be totally frank,” Musk said.

Musk said the problems facing the Biden administration are “very basic” and “not like, you know, super complicated.” Musk went on to explain the record inflation is obviously the result of government spending a “zillion” dollars that it doesn’t actually have.

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“The real president is whoever controls the teleprompter, you know,” Musk said. “The path to power is the path to the teleprompter.”

Musk also hilariously compared Biden to Anchorman Ron Burgundy: “I do feel like if somebody were to accidentally lean on the teleprompter, it’s going to be like Anchorman.”

In the 2004 film Anchorman, the news anchor reads whatever is written on the teleprompter, even if the words were utterly ridiculous.

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Musk explained, “This administration doesn’t seem to get a lot done. The Trump administration, leaving Trump aside, there were a lot of people in the administration who were effective at getting things done.”

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“I mean, the obvious reason for inflation is that the government printed a zillion amount of more money than it had, obviously,” Musk said, adding that the problems faced by the Biden administration are

“In the case of Biden, he is simply too much captured by the unions, which was not the case with Obama,” Musk said. He argued that Obama was “quite reasonable” compared to Biden.

Near the end of Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, he openly fantasized during an interview about an unconstitutional and illegal way of effectively remaining in office for a third term through “an an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front-man or front-woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines.”

Obama said, “I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front-man or front-woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating.”

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard argues this exact scenario is playing out right before our eyes between Obama and his former vice president and now president, Joe Biden. Just days before the Biden administration announced the creation of a “Disinformation Governance Board,” Obama called for increased oversight of misinformation across Big Tech media platforms while speaking at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center.

“Biden is just a front man,” Gabbard said. “Obama, April 21: social media censors ‘don’t go far enough,’ so the government needs to step in to do the job. Six days later, Homeland Security rolls out the ‘Ministry of Truth’ (aka Disinformation Governance Board).”

Musk argues the Democratic Party is “overly controlled by the unions and by the trial lawyers, particularly the class action lawyers.”

“So it’s like the government can’t just, you know, issue checks far in excess of revenue without there being inflation, you know, velocity of money held constant,” Musk argued. “If the federal government writes checks, they never bounce. So that is effectively creation of more dollars. And if there are more dollars created, then the increase in the goods and services across the economy, then you have inflation, again, velocity of money held constant.”

“If the government could just issue massive amounts of money and deficits didn’t matter, then, well, why don’t we just make the deficit 100 times bigger? The answer is, you can’t because it will basically turn the dollar into something that is worthless,” he said.

“Various countries have tried this experiment multiple times,” Musk continued. “Have you seen Venezuela? Like the poor, poor people of Venezuela are, you know, have been just run roughshod by their government.”

Venezuela’s inflation reached a staggering 65,374.08% in 2018. “So obviously you can’t simply create money,” Musk said, adding that “the true economy” is “the output of goods and services” as opposed to mere money.