DeSantis Admin Responds to Appearance Request From ‘The View’ by Using Hosts’ Own Words Against Them

The View has invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be a guest on the show.

In response, DeSantis has politely declined.

Critics have attacked ABC’s The View for pushing an extreme liberal bias.

The invitation to DeSantis was intended for him to appear once the new season begins.

Governor DeSantis’ deputy spokesman Bryan Griffin responded by saying, “Which of the below statements from the hosts of the View do you recommend our team considers when deciding if the interview will be a genuine pursuit of the truth? Or worth the time?”

Griffin went on to list the numerous insults aired about DeSantis on the show.

Joy Behar once said of DeSantis, “You’re just short of calling [DeSantis] a negligent, homicidal sociopath, because that’s what he is.”

“Death-Santis … I think he’s a fascist and a bigot,” Sunny Hostin once said.

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“We will pass on this offer,” Griffin concluded.

More on this story via Western Journal:

That’s an answer that should have DeSantis fans cheering. No one who’s watched either “The View” or Ron DeSantis even casually could think that a conversation would come anywhere close to being congenial. Just last week the show’s co-hosts embarrassed themselves repeatedly with their statements about a youth summit hosted by the conservative group Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida, an event DeSantis spoke at.

And while the thought of watching DeSantis serve up his typically commonsense answers to the typically vicious Whoopi Goldberg and Co., it’s a rock solid bet that in an outnumbered setting, in front of the kind of harp-seal audience “The View” normally trots out, an appearance would come across more as an extended “Two Minutes Hate” a la “1984” than any kind of reasonable discussion about the political issues of the moment.

For a normal television show, the quotes Griffin included in his tweet would be outrageous. On “The View,” they’re The Norm.