Mom Blasts School Board Over Drag Show For High Schoolers While Wearing The Same Outfit The Drag Queen Wore

Kimberly Reicks, the founder of the parental rights group Iowa Mama Bears, spoke out after a high school hosted a drag event.

The event encouraged students to explore their gender identities. The Ankeny High School invited drag queen performers without permission from administrators.

In response. Reicks attended a school board meeting and showed up wearing the same outfit as the drag queen. Take a look:

Reicks said the administrators did not address parental concerns regarding the event.

While at the school board meeting, Reicks said, “Does this outfit make you turn your head? Does this outfit seem appropriate for anybody here to see?”

“This is what the man dressed like in front of our kids. So if this makes your head spin — if this pisses you off in any way, shape, or form — it should,” Reicks continued.


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“Because I’m embarrassed to stand here in the outfit that I am in today, but I have a point to prove — that this outfit should not be ever accepted in our schools anywhere.”

Reicks said, “It has been over 131 days since I made our school board first aware of this event.”

“We are now 32 days into the new school year, and we still have no answers on what the outcome of the investigation was. Nor do we have any new policies to ensure things like this do not happen again.”

“I will do whatever measures I have to to make sure events like this are addressed and resolved,” Reicks continued. “Even if that means wearing the exact same outfit as the 21-year-old drag queen performer to prove my point.”

More on this story via Daily Wire:

Renewed controversy over the May event comes amid scrutiny of hospitals that provide “gender transition” services to children via hormone treatments and surgery. Studies indicate that as many as 90% of young people who claim a transgender identity but are not encouraged to socially or medically transition will no longer call themselves transgender in adulthood.

Footage of the Ankeny High School drag queen event seen earlier this year by The Daily Wire showed that the drag queens had discussed gender identity at length with students. “When I felt like I couldn’t express myself in school, or I felt like I had to look like this at school … I could be whoever I wanted to be,” one performer recounted. “And I started to think, ‘What is gender?’ And I realized that no matter what pronouns you use, you are who you are … I know on the inside that I am who I am.”