JUST DO IT: Nike co-founder donates $1M to Republican running for governor

Many conservatives have rightfully boycotted Nike over its decision to bankroll far left-wing political activists like Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James.

Despite the company’s support for outspoken liberals, Nike co-founder Phil Knight quietly contributed $1 million to Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan’s campaign in Oregon.

A Republican hasn’t won the Oregon governor’s office since Vic Atiyeh in 1982.

Knight has donated millions in support of independent candidate Betsy Johnson. However, it appears the Nike co-founder is moving farther to the right.

More from Fox News:

Knight’s spending spree shows a staunch opposition to the Democratic candidate for the governor’s office, Tina Kotec.

Knight’s boost to Drazan’s campaign comes nearly two months after the candidate announced a steep increase in ad spending in August. The ad buy centered around her roadmap for flipping Oregon, which hasn’t elected a Republican governor in decades.

“Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson have been driving Kate Brown’s agenda for years. They’ve led Oregon down the wrong path,” Drazan said in the ad. “Tina and Betsy haven’t fixed anything. In fact, they’ve made things worse”

“We need a new direction. My roadmap for Oregon cleans up our streets, stops the tax increases, and makes life more affordable for Oregon families. The stakes couldn’t be higher, but together we can do this,” she continued.

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While Oregon has not elected a Republican governor in decades, Drazan and Kotec are neck and neck in polls, with Drazan even holding a 1-point lead according to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average.