Investigation Now Underway After Bombshell Report Drops on Raphael Warnock

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is in a tight race with opponent Republican Herschel Walker.

Questions regarding Warnock evicting tenants and the lack of registration for a building he has a connection with have gotten attention.

Warnock earns a $7,417 monthly housing allowance and his salary from the Church.

It has been reported that the Church owns a building and they have been trying to evict tenants.

The Ebenezer Building Foundation is owned by the Church, and Warnock is listed as its principal officer on site 990s, and its management duties of the Foundation had been given to the Church.

Warnock has spoken out against evictions during the pandemic.

The tenants owed a total of $4,900, and his opponent Walker offered to pay the rent for anyone still being evicted.

The National Legal and Policy Center charged in the complaint, “It is abundantly clear that Ebenezer Building Foundation, Inc., has violated one or more IRS laws and regulations regarding the operation of a nonprofit charity.”

They continued, “The IRS must conduct a full investigation and audit of the Foundation’s finances and transactions and assess appropriate civil and criminal penalties, and revoke their tax-exempt status if warranted. The public interest demands it.”

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A watchdog group said in its complaint, “The Foundation failed to disclose MLK Village Corp as a related organization since it has had the same three registered officers since 2018. In that case, they are considered a Brother/Sister organization since they are ‘controlled by the same person or persons that control the filing organization.’”

This could present problems for Warnock as he enters the election.

More on this tory via RedState:

Georgia has given the Foundation until Nov. 2 to prove they are somehow exempt and not in violation.

That’s not all. On top of that, a watchdog group has filed a complaint with the IRS, demanding an audit for concealing the ownership by the Church of the building, the Columbia Tower at MLK Village.

Among the alleged issues highlighted in the complaint is Ebenezer Building Foundation’s failure to report in its Form 990s that it holds a 99 percent stake in Columbia Tower through a shell company called MLK Village Corporation, which shares the same address as the church and the charity and is led by the same three officers as the charity.

There are a lot of questions involved here and it’s big news, right before the election.

But there’s virtually no national coverage apart from Fox News; nothing by the networks shows up in a Google search. Certainly not the coverage that his opponent got for negative information about him.