Jon Voight: Democrats Have Damaged America by Reversing Trump Policies

During an interview, Hollywood actor Jon Voight said the Trump administration made progress, and now the Biden administration undoing that progress.

“We had President Trump,” Voight said. “Take a look at the problems when he came into office, and he solved them, one after another, because he’s a person who’s a doer and a problem solver. And therefore, you accomplished all those things.

Voight added, “And now we have another person in the office, and they’re systematically just eliminating all of the progress that he made, right? That’s their agenda.”


Voight has lived in California for many years and sees deterioration.

Voight continued, “This is a tremendous place, California. It’s the fifth-largest economy in the world. We should be taking care of it. And to see it being destroyed in this way.

Voight concluded, “People are leaving in droves. And somebody’s going to come to the rescue here.”

It was reported that Voight has called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden. Voight said, “He has wronged this nation’s glory. He has taken down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free. He must be impeached.”

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“Gavin Newsom has failed our state, and now they’re grooming him to run for the presidency. They have nobody else,” Voight said.