Influencer Explains Why He Detransitioned Back To Male

Oli London is a Youtuber, a British influencer, actor, and singer with a large following on social media.

London was a man and transitioned to be a woman and now is transitioning back to a man.

London tweeted, “I am no longer trans and have returned to living as a man. Grateful if everyone could respect my new pronouns- He/Him KOR/EAN. Thank you. Six months ago, I had facial feminization surgeries, 11 in one day.”

London said, “I changed my bone structure. I got hair extensions, changed wardrobes, started wearing makeup, and had my hair removed. I did it because I thought it w make me happy. I felt happy at the time, but over a period of reflection, I felt I was chasing happiness. Being a woman is not for me.”

London said, “In 2013, I used to live in South Korea, and plastic surgery is everywhere there. I felt, ‘Maybe I can change myself and find happiness.'”

London explained his process, “Originally, I went to the doctor and chose a member from [Korean pop boy band] BTS, and the surgeries would go wrong, and so I’d do it again.”

London went on to say, “And then when I decided to become a woman, I wanted to focus on Rosé from Korean girl group BLACKPINK]. She’s beautiful and has a cute face, and I felt I could emulate that. I just find Koreans so beautiful; they’re such nice people and so beautiful.”

He continued, “But then I became trans, and people started celebrating me; they criticized me for wanting to look like a Korean pop star but praised me for being trans. It’s so hypocritical. When I became a woman, they were suddenly loving me. It’s a confusing world.”

London said, “I want to help parents to tell their kids to wait until their adults. I think people think it’s normal to change our gender.”

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In conclusion, London said, “I’m still the same person on the inside, so I’m now focusing on positivity. I’m going to therapy to be happier with who I am. I’m happier than ever now.”

More on this story via Fox News:

London shares that even as a transgender woman, he would not use women’s restrooms out of his “respect” for women.

“I’m a real feminist,” he says. “Even when I was living as a trans woman, I would not use the women’s restroom; I never wanted a woman to feel threatened. I would use the men’s room still.”

He also criticized transgender female athletes being allowed to play on women’s teams and leagues, such as swimmer Lia Thomas.

Recently, London shaved his hair off completely, which he views as the beginning of his journey back to being a man. He’s also tossed his makeup out and is lifting weights at the gym. He says that the last six months of living as a woman have provided him with the clarity of his identity, and he’s taking proactive steps, like therapy, to continue on his journey to happiness.

London also added that he’s donating his hair to charities in Iran that support women, in response to the death of Mahsa Amini and other suppressed woman in the country.

“This is for the women of Iran. I stand with you all,” he wrote on his Instagram alongside a photo of him with his new buzzed head. “I am auctioning my Korean hair to raise funds to support women’s charities in Iran. All women deserve the same equal rights as men and deserve dignity and respect and freedom to make their own choices. So many women have been killed by the Iranian regime we must all speak up and support the women of Iran.”