Mainstream Poll: Ron DeSantis Ranks #1 For Major American Politicians In Net Favorability

A new poll shows that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ranks #1 in terms of the highest net approval rating among all major American politicians.

The survey was conducted by the Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) at Harvard University. The Harris Poll is rating the top political figures in the U.S.

DeSantis is considered by many to be the future face of the Republican Party.

He recently received praise for his handling of hurricane Ian and even Joe Biden said DeSantis was “pretty remarkable.”

The results in order are DeSantis (+6), former Vice President Mike Pence (+4), South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott (+3),

former President Donald Trump (0), Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (0), Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz (0), former

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (-3), Joe Biden (-8), Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (-9), Vice President Kamala Harris

(-10), Democrat Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (-12), New York Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (-12), twice failed

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (-13), West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (-15), Democrat House Speaker Nancy

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Pelosi (-22), and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (-22).

The poll also revealed that 68% of voters said that Biden was too old to hold office, and 55% said they questioned his mental fitness.

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