EV Looks Completely Unrecognizable After Catching on Fire, Closing Highway

Fire and emergency medical personnel responded to a call and found an electric car completely in flames.

The car was in a ditch and unrecognizable.

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Highway 50 in South Dakota had to be shut down for more than an hour.

The Vermillion Fire Department stated that it worked for two hours to cool down the vehicle before it could be moved.

Electric cars catching on fire are becoming more frequent.

It takes much more water to put the electric fire out.

Electric vehicle fires also produce hazardous materials, hydrofluoric acid, which is a substance that can cause serious harm to occupants.

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Hurricane Ian showed that an electric vehicle caught fire due to salt water corrosion of the battery.

A Tesla in California was parked and caught fire, and it took several attempts to stop the car from reigniting.

The Biden administration is pushing for “emission-free” transportation, but we are not there yet. They have not yet met reliability or safety standards.

More on this story via Western Journal:

Figure also, that electric vehicles all too often suffer from over-engineering, as this recent case demonstrates. Computerizing every facet of the car or truck’s design leaves too many potential problems that are going to be complicated in an emergency situation.

Yet these are the very cars and trucks that “progressives” are demanding that we purchase.

It is obvious that electric vehicles are not embraced by the overall population because they are not desirable. They lack the general safety and reliability of traditional gas and diesel-powered transportation.

This is something that would better be settled in the free market. One day electric-powered vehicles may be feasible as well as more affordable.