MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross says Tucker and Kanye share ‘mental challenges,’ includes Herschel Walker

MSNC’s “The Cross Connection,” hosted by Tiffany Cross, has targeted three people, including Tucker Carlson, Kanye West, and Herschel Walker.

Cross has spoken out as having issues with black people who fail to recognize their place in the Democratic Party.

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Cross recently had former RNC chair Michael Steele who she called her “only Republican friend” on her show. They called out the successful rapper and entrepreneur and the GOP Senate hopeful.

Cross said, “I wonder, Michael, because they’re elevating people like this, and I wonder if Tucker doesn’t find Kanye to be, to have some mental challenges, maybe because it takes someone else with the same challenges to understand him.”

Cross continued, “Because everybody else has concluded this person is, you know, honestly, mental health is a serious thing in the country, and he’s clearly problematic, but this is who the GOP chooses to put out front.”

Cross added, “Herschel Walker, who has said himself he has multiple personalities. This is the GOP putting out these folks.”

Democrats are concerned over what could be the loss of one-party control of Congress, with Walker being a serious contender.

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More on this story via BizPac:

Last week, Carlson likened the hateful, racist rhetoric constantly spewed by Cross to dehumanize white people to Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines, the Rwandan television station that put out propaganda that was credited with being a major factor in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, one of the most savage and bloody periods in world history during which hundreds of thousands of people were murdered, many of them hacked to death with machetes.

Carlson asked whether Comcast – which owns MSNBC – was down with Cross and fellow anti-white network bomb-thrower Joy Reid taking to the airwaves to foment a race war.

One thing that is certain is that things are only going to get nastier as the left faces a loss of power, and they will go scorched earth to keep it.