Joe Biden Caught On Hot Mic: ‘Yeah, I Noticed How Much Freedom I Have’

A video was caught of Joe Biden in the distance as he walks off with his wife, Jill Biden, and Secret Service.

Biden is overheard complaining about his lack of “freedom” to Secret Service at the White House. Biden says he isn’t able to do what he wants.

As he was leaving a recent ceremony, Joe was walking in the wrong direction. When Secret Service redirected him, the president seemed agitated.

“This way, sir,” agents are heard telling Biden.

“But I want to go this way,” Biden responded twice before saying, “Yeah, I noticed how much freedom I have.”


It’s been widely speculated for months that Joe, who is the oldest president in U.S. history, is under close control. He turned 80 in November.

The incident happened as Biden was leaving a ceremony to honor White House groundskeeper Dale Haney.

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Many Americans have argued that Biden is suffering from age-related dementia and is not capable of handling what it takes to be president.

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Others say First Lady Jill Biden is in charge of handling her husband. She reportedly tore into top White House officials after they failed to stop one of Joe Biden’s solo press conferences.

In response, Dr. Jill reacted by slamming officials for not stopping the presser.

Republican Elise Stefanik of New York said the president should “not need a babysitter when he talks to the media,” but “apparently Joe Biden does.”

Republican Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia said, “I think everyone in the White House is concerned that the President will accidentally reveal the Biden-Harris administration’s true agenda.”

Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee explained, “The American people are watching the situation with the President very closely. So are other world leaders. It is apparent he is not in control of the White House, his staff and the issues of the day.”

Republican Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey argued that Joe Biden clearly isn’t in control, but rather leaving the country to “operate under surrogates in chief.”

“The American people put Joe Biden in office and deserve to hear directly from the president himself,” Van Drew said.

“If Joe Biden is not able to perform his duties as president and talk to the American people on a regular basis, then he should not be running the greatest country in the world,” he continued. “The American people deserve answers.”

“Not from his staff, not from his press team, but from the president of the United States,” Van Drew said.