Bombshell Reported On Where Fauci’s Daughter Was Employed Until A Year Ago

Social media giants are under fire after Twitter CEO Elon Musk revealed that Americans are regularly censored by left-wing activists operating behind closed doors.

During a seven-hour deposition, the nation’s top doctor, Anthony Fauci, eventually revealed that his daughter was employed at Twitter. She worked for Twitter up until about a year ago.

Fauci was slow to release the information.

“I believe she was a software engineer,” Fauci said.

Fauci responded “I don’t recall” to questions 174 times during the deposition, according to Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

Fauci claims that he never discussed content posted on social media with his daughter.

Americans have been repeatedly censored on Twitter and Facebook if they criticize Fauci or speculate on the possible origins of the COVID-19 virus.

Fauci was asked, “Did you ever discuss with her the content of stuff posted on social media platforms?”

“No,” he claims.

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Again, he was asked, “Did you ever discuss with her the origins of the virus or concerns about the origins of the virus?”

Fauci responded, “No, she has no interest in that.”

During another interview, Hugh Hewitt directly confronted Dr. Fauci by saying, “I have lost confidence in the CDC and the FDA and I actually believe a lot of Americans, a significant part of America now have lost confidence in you, Dr. Fauci.”

He asked, “Is there a point where you will say, ‘I do more harm than good because people don’t listen to me anymore,’ and step aside?”

“No. Absolutely, unequivocally no, Hugh. Sorry,” Fauci reacted.

To explain his hypocrisy and flip-flops, Fauci said, “When you have an evolving situation and data are rapidly evolving in something that is unprecedented and unknown, you have to evolve with it and look at the data as it exists now and make to the best of your ability a decision, a recommendation, all the kinds of things that go into the evolution.”

“It’s just a fact that Tony Fauci, not the guy I’m talking with but Tony Fauci- the person in people’s minds, is now an impediment to public health because people won’t listen to you,” Hewitt said.

“They actively reject what Tony Fauci says for reasons which are complicated… but can you accept that if that’s just the fact, you ought to respond to it and say ‘Mr. President, I think my time is up as a successful and effective spokesperson?’”

Fauci responded, “You know, with all due respect… I just completely disagree with that premise because there are an awful lot of people who do listen, who do the right thing from a public health standpoint.”

“So because there are a lot of people who have ideas of conspiracies and changing minds and flip-flopping, that’s not a reason to step down. Not at all,” Fauci added.