Ex-Twitter Manager Hit With 3-Year Prison Sentence For Spying For Saudi Arabia

A former Twitter employee named Ahmad Abouammo was convicted of spying on Twitter users for the Saudi royal family.

In exchange, he received hundreds of thousands of dollars which he laundered.

He has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

The FBI found that he accessed the accounts of individuals who attacked the Saudi government.

The Saudi government does not allow for free speech.

A 34-year-old mother named Salma al-Shehab was recently sentenced to 34 years in jail for tweeting anti-government messages.

Aboummo was a Saudi citizen with dual citizenship in the U.S.

He received personal information, including phone numbers and birth dates, for a Saudi government agent.

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He provided their email addresses and phone numbers to the government agent.

Even after leaving Twitter in May 2015, Abouamma allegedly continued to contact former coworkers.

Je pushed them to verify specific Saudi accounts or erase messages for Saudi agents.

The U.S. Justice Department said two Twitter workers suspected of accessing user accounts and assisting the Saudi government have fled to Saudi Arabia in order to evade American authorities.