Greg Gutfeld Brilliantly Dissects Comedy and Culture at AmFest 2022

During a recent appearance, Greg Gutfeld of Fox News discussed cancel culture and the massive success of his shows at the network.

“You don’t have chemistry if you can’t make fun of someone and laugh at them. “Dana [Perino], Jesse [Watters], Kat Timpf, and Tyrus [Gutfeld!] are really well-oiled machines,” he said.

“This is what’s killing the Left: if you take yourself seriously, no one wants to be near you. The right is used to being mocked. You can’t laugh at them.”

While discussing harmful transgender surgeries on children, Gutfeld said, “That’s Nazism right there. It’s completely crazy.”

“There are physicians and pediatric associations that are working on this.”

“Where have the adults gone? Where are the folks in your neighborhood? What happened to make us so afraid? We are living in a delusory era.”

“There are two societal weaves that tie us together: property protection and biology. Where have all the adults gone? We’re giving victimizers privileges and telling victims they have to put up with it.”

Gutfeld also discussed Harvey Weinstein who donated millions of dollars to Democratic and Leftist groups in order to conceal his decades-long rape of women.

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“He is the embodiment of everything,” Gutfeld said. “This is the sign.”

“When you’re outnumbered by others on an issue, ask them: Why is it so vital for you to have me agree with you? Why would I subject myself to this when I could simply be you?” Gutfeld concluded.