Detransitioner Chloe Cole Gives Powerful Testimony Against ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ At Capitol

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Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old detransitioned woman, spoke at a press conference in front of the U.S. Capitol to support the Protect Children’s Innocence Act.

Cole identified herself as a transgender boy at age twelve. She was prescribed puberty blockers and testosterone at 13. She received a double mastectomy surgery to remove her breasts at 15.

The Protect Children’s Innocence Act protects minors from accessing permanent, body- and life-altering medical treatments.

“The gender clinic presented my parents with the classic false dichotomy regarding children with gender dysphoria: ‘Would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?’” said Cole.

“Given these options, what loving parent wouldn’t choose to transition their child? This was not informed consent. It was a decision forced under extreme duress,” she added.

One year following the breast surgery, Cole realized what she had done. “I realized the beauty of motherhood was stolen from me by medical professionals who my family entrusted me to,” said Cole. “I realized, after maturing a bit more, that a child does not, in fact ‘know who they are at 12 years old.”

Cole began her speech with a startling statistic, “Over the past decade, there has been as high as a 4000% increase in children being referred to so-called ‘gender clinics’ across the United States. I was one of these children.”

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“I believe Americans deserve to know the truth about this radical and perverse ideology, marketed as necessary and ‘life-saving’ health care,” said Cole.

Ten years ago, pediatric gender clinics were scarce, but now 200 have popped up to meet the growing demand of adolescents who identify as transgender seeking medical transition.

Coe said, “It was too late for me, and time is running out for these children. There is no second chance at childhood, so we must do our best as adults to guide our children to pathways that lead to healthy bodies and minds instead of depression and disfigurement.”

Cole concluded, “No child deserves to suffer under the knife of a gender-affirming surgeon. America’s children — all children — deserve better.”

More on this story via Daily Wire:

Cole reveals that unmonitored internet access and exposure to LGBTQ content on Instagram at 11 years old introduced her to gender ideology. “I saw the unbelievable amounts of praise and attention they got online and subconsciously I yearned to have a piece of it,” said Cole. “With every milestone in my medical transition, I was given more and more attention and celebration. It was the ultimate high.”

With newfound introspection, Cole began speaking publicly about her opposition to medically transitioning minors in April 2022, when she was 17. “Much of this gender confusion is based on old regressive stereotypes of men and women, which are now being reinforced with hormones and surgeries,” she said. “Women can have short hair and be interested in playing sport; men can grow their hair out and wear makeup. It does not change their biology.”

“There are many detransitioners speaking out, and they are ignored by the institutions most responsible for the search of truth,” said Cole, speaking of the growing population of young adults who regret their decision to transition and claim they were not rigorously assessed before being fast-tracked into irreversible medical interventions. “Up until today, most politicians on the Left and Right have done nothing but get into Twitter fights on this issue,” she added.

Greene’s Protect Children’s Innocence Act, H.R. 8731, would make any individual in the state of Alabama who knowingly performs “gender-affirming care” on a minor — including the administering of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones — guilty of a class C felony, facing a prison sentence of up to 25 years and a $250,000 fine.

“It is designed to protect children from abusive experimental procedures from every angle,” reads the description on the American Principles Project website. Currently, the bill has 37 Republican co-sponsors.