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President Trump Releases Foreign Tour Graphic, Captioned “Leading From The Front”

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President Trump released a graphic late Friday that portrays the stops on his first international tour as POTUS.

The graphic shows a map of Europe and the Middle East, with the countries and cities to be visited outlined in white.

But the message at the bottom of the map—”Leading From The Front”—is the real newsmaker of the image.

Check it out:

The phrase is likely a reference to a comment made by an advisor in the Obama administration.

In an article by Ryan Lizza printed in the New Yorker in 2011, Lizza said one of the former president’s advisors had “described the president’s actions in Libya as ‘leading from behind’,” (via Washington Post).

The phrase quickly became a talking point for Republicans, who began to use it as an overarching reflection of the Obama administration’s foreign policy across the board.

The Trump administration has drawn a contrast between its current foreign policy, and the foreign policy of the Obama White House.

And this has already been made clear as Americans have observed the foreign policy dealings of the President in regards to North Korea, Syria, Iran—the list goes on.

One thing is for sure: “from the front” is the way President Trump intends to lead—both his actions and this graphic say so.


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