‘TIME’ Calls Trump President Of “Divided States Of America”, One Picture Obliterates That…

Donald Trump was named Time magazine’s “Person Of The Year”.

Liberals are losing their minds.

Can you believe that some of them actually thought Hillary could win?  Unreal.

Time didn’t praise Trump in their article by any means.

In fact, they used the term “Divided States of America” to try and delegitimize his convincing electoral victory.

There are a few problems with that.

Charlie Spiering helped to explain one of them…


And also this…

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That doesn’t look very divided to me.

In fact, it looks like the majority of the country is on the same page and the elites who incubated themselves in New York and Los Angeles are the ones who are out of touch.

Trump won more counties than any Republican since Reagan.

Trump won more black and Hispanic votes than Romney.

Trump won counties that Obama won in 2008 and 2012.

That’s a uniting force. Not a dividing force.

You know what’s a dividing force?


H/T Twitchy