After TX GOP Elector Backs Out on Trump, Look What Happens to Him INSTANTLY…

We told you earlier about a Texas elector who is refusing to cast his vote for Trump when the electoral college meets later this month.

Clearly, this is a gigantic waste of time and all this guy wants is attention.

It looks like he is getting some, but not quite what he had in mind.

His position as an elector could be in jeopardy.

From Gateway Pundit:

A petition was started Tuesday at to remove Chris Suprun from the Texas Electoral College.

The petition reads:

Chris Suprun has stated on Twitter that he refuses to cast his electoral ballot in a manor as those in his precinct have requested, we also ask that he be removed as a GOP member and/or delegate.

This petition will be delivered to:

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Texas Governor
Senator Ted Cruz

Can’t imagine he’s too thrilled about this.

There is no excuse for behavior like the kind these electors are displaying.

In America, whoever earns 270 electoral votes wins.

Trump did that.

End of story.