HOO-RAH! “Mad Dog” Mattis Approval Sends Brutal Message Straight to Liberals…

It looks like the Pentagon’s planning to get back to the basics now that Trump’s taking the reins.

And General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is predicted to play a big part in returning to the roots of combat and military practice.

Under the Obama Administration, the Pentagon spent much time and focus on progressive social ideals, such as opening their doors to transgender persons and washing gender-specific terms from military jargon.

But under a President Trump, experts say, things are taking a turn for the more traditional.

Fox News reports below:

Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane, a Fox News contributor, said the strong emphasis on social reform in the last eight years sometimes came at the expense of the military’s core objective.

“Social engineering was a distractor from what the main mission of the United States military was about,” Keane said. “We were involved in conflict and war, and these reforms achieved a level of prominence that subordinated the issue of war itself.”

Other officials agreed, adding that the focus on gender by the Obama Administration actually proved as a greater distraction than anything. Focus, said Department of Defense contractor and retired Army Col. Robert Maginnis, should always be on a soldier or marine’s capabilities within their role—not on religion or sexuality.

A U.S. Military that focuses on combat readiness instead of political correctness? Imagine that.

Gen. Mattis was approved by the Senate this afternoon. Let’s hope experts are right and we see some more traditional military leadership from him.

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