101-Year-Old Veteran’s New Year’s Resolution Will Have You SMILING…

WWII Army Nurse Jean Wojnowski proves you’re never too old to make a New Years’ Resolution.

The 101-Year-Old Portland native told has resolved to live 2017 as fully as she can, “for as long as she can.”

Jean is one of Oregon’s oldest WWII veterans. During her time in the army, she was stationed in Ohio, Australia, and New Guinea.

She said this of her time in the military (via KXL):

“I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  Looking back on it, it expanded my grasp of our world situation and my part, what I had, my place in it.

Of course, the question at the forefront of our minds is, what’s the secret to such a long life?

Jean said:

“I had a pretty wholesome life and I always believed in doing things, experience yourself, do what you can, but do it in moderation.”

I love it.

Here’s to hoping for a full year for Jean! And a happy 102nd birthday, coming up this May.

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