ENOUGH! Judge Slams EPA, Hands Them Order That has Them Terrified…

The EPA’s feet are being held to the fire this week by a U.S. District Judge.

A court order will require outgoing EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to comply with federal rules that state the EPA must report how many jobs are being eliminated due to environmental protection regulations.

The EPA has ignored this rule for decades, as coal mining and power plant jobs continue to dwindle.

This week’s ruling is especially satisfying, because Judge John Preston Bailey of West Virginia took one look at McCarthy’s past excuse for avoiding this rule and said it was, “wholly insufficient, unacceptable, and unnecessary.”

Per Fox News:

The judge said the EPA is required by law to analyze the economic impact on a continuing basis when enforcing the Clean Air Act and McCarthy’s response “evidences the continued hostility on the part of the EPA to acceptance of the mission established by Congress.”

It’s about time the EPA take some responsibility for job losses.

Trump said on countless occasions while out on the campaign trail that he’d stand behind the coal industry—a promise he’s maintained since his election.

Looks like he’s coming into office just in time.