New Trump Aide’s TOP SECRET Talent

Donald Trump’s aides and cabinet picks continue to fill our social media feeds this week as confirmation hearings roll out and the inauguration approaches.

But there’s one Trump aide story you might have forgotten—and in case you did, I’m here to remind you.

Johnny McEntee, a Trump campaign staff person, blew up the internet last April after Governor Palin shared a video from his time as a Big East Quarterback.

McEntee—or ‘Johnny Mac’—seamlessly executes a series of trick shots in the viral video. It was posted in 2011—the same year he walked-on at UConn and started every game following.

This is awesome:

If this is the intersection of politics and sports, I’m totally okay with it.

Johnny Mac is still a Trump staffer, having worked his way up the ranks from volunteer to campaign coordinator, and now soon-to-be ‘special assistant to the president and personal aide to the president’, pending Trump’s inauguration.

Sounds like football’s not the only thing he’s good at.