Sen. Kamala Harris Grills Trump’s CIA Director Nominee About Climate Change

Mike Pompeo had his confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill today and he fielded a variety of questions from Republicans and Democrats about what kind of leader he would be at the CIA.

Most of the questions revolved around keeping the country safe from acts of violence.

Then Kamala Harris chimed in.

Harris, the newly elected liberal senator from California, had some questions for Pompeo that left many of us scratching our heads.

Harris thought climate change was the most important topic to ask Pompeo about.

From Washington Examiner:

“CIA Director Brennan, who has spent a 25-year career at the CIA as an analyst, a senior manager and station chief in the field, has that when ‘CIA analysts look for deeper causes of rising instability in the world, one of the causes those CIA analysts see is the impact of climate change,'” Harris began. “Do you have any reason to doubt the assessment of those CIA analysts?”

Pompeo, a Republican congressman from Kansas, replied that he was unfamiliar with the material Harris was referencing but that the CIA would gather information on all threats to American security, including any that stem from climatic activity, and present them to policymakers.

“In the past you have questioned the scientific consensus on climate change,” Harris followed up. She began to cite NASA and various other sources saying that at least 97 percent of active climate scientists believe in global warming caused by human activity.

“Do you have any reason to doubt NASA’s findings?” she asked.

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Pompeo defended his positions on climate change and said, “Frankly, as director of CIA, I’d prefer […] not to get into the details of climate debate and science… My role is going to be so different and unique from that, it is going to be to work alongside warriors keeping Americans safe.”


Really?  That’s something you think the CIA should be worrying about?

This exchange tells you a lot about liberal priorities.

They sometimes seem like they couldn’t care less about things like terrorism and national security.

Instead, they’d rather lecture potential CIA directors about climate change and LGBT issues.

Props to Pompeo for hanging tough.

H/T Weasel Zippers