It’s Open Season on Arby’s With This Amazing New Sandwich

Two very lucky Nebraska cities are in for a treat later this month.

Arby’s came up with enough venison to serve their special venison sandwich at two additional locations, so they’re bringing the meal to Omaha and Lincoln. This fall, they served the sandwich at 17 other locations nationwide, and people were kind of freaking out.

Customers at one Michigan location were lined up down the street. The restaurant ran out of meat within one hour.

According to the USA Today Network, Arby’s brand President Rob Lynch said they received a lot of complaints, and from states all across the country, expressing their disappointment at being skipped over for the special sandwich.

“We had a lot of people from different states asking why they didn’t get the venison being such a big hunting states and one of those was Nebraska… saying, ‘hey can you bring venison here?”

The people spoke, and Arby’s listened.

Venison is officially coming to Lincoln, NE on January 18 and Omaha, NE on January 19.

Sounds like Omaha Steaks better watch their backs. Come next week, Nebraskans will be thinkin’ Arby’s instead.