The Backstory of Gov. Palin’s Support for Donald Trump

Next Thursday marks the one year anniversary of Governor Palin’s endorsement of President-Elect Donald Trump.

How fast has time gone? It seems not long ago they climbed the stage together in Ames for the Iowa State University rally, where she officially threw her weight behind him and encouraged Republicans to do the same.

6 months after her endorsement, Governor Palin contributed this post to IJR, highlighting her first ever trip to Trump Tower in New York City.

Check it out:

Between stops at Philadelphia’s Constitution Hall and the Statue of Liberty, Donald & Melania Trump invited us to Trump Tower for the most memorable visit. DJT and I knew one another prior to the visit, but we’ve kept in closer touch ever since that day.

Our road trip and that personal visit solidified my support of DJT, seeing up close his gracious treatment of everyone – regardless of race, class, creed – or dress code! Mom laughed when I showed her these pics, commenting we’re all still wearing the same clothes.

Trump is all about equality and genuine care for families. As our tribe stumbled off our RV outside the iconic Trump Tower – casual and grounded after long weeks of touring – DJT welcomed us with open arms.

gsj trump visit

It’s pretty cool to read a firsthand account of how this friendship came about.

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And even cooler that now, Trump’s about to be our President!

Here’s the video of Governor Palin’s endorsement.

Notice how several of the things she predicted came true?

Trump did win the election by focusing on issues like trade and immigration.

Governor Palin was also right that the election was more than just ABCs (Anybody But Clinton).

It was about a movement.

Time flies doesn’t it?