2 Months After The Election, Clinton Foundation Gets Some BAD NEWS

During the 2016 election cycle, the American people learned a lot of troubling things about Hillary Clinton.

One of the most notable was the realization that her foundation was involved in some very controversial dealings with foreign governments.  The documentary “Clinton Cash” exposed several situations that looked like clear cut cases of pay for play.

Now, it looks like the Clinton Foundation has fallen on some hard times.

From The Daily Caller:

The Clinton Foundation announced it’s laying off 22 staffers on the Clinton Global Initiative, keeping with a plan to deal with the negative spotlight put on the organization during former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The layoffs will take effect April 15, the Clinton Foundation said in a filing with the New York Department of Labor Thursday, citing the discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative. The move is part of a plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election in order to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

It looks like the foundation’s allure has worn off.

It has been reported that donations to the foundation have dropped off dramatically and that’s likely because the American people have a clearer understanding of where the money is actually going.

Why would anyone give money to the foundation at this point?

You have to imagine that things are going to get worse for the foundation before they get better.

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