“Bikers For Trump” Makes AWESOME Announcement About Inauguration

During the GOP convention in Cleveland this past summer, a group of bikers showed up to help keep the peace and prevent protesters from causing trouble.

The group went by the name “Bikers for Trump”.

Now, we are seeing troubling reports about the protests that are being planned for Trump’s inauguration.

It looks like Trump’s loyal biker supporters are ready to roll once again…

From Fox News:

The founder of Bikers For Trump told “Fox & Friends” his organization will, if need be, form a “wall of meat” to protect citizens attending President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday from protesters and the like.

Chris Cox said thousands of bikers from across the country are going to converge on the District of Columbia to prevent any violence or wrongdoing at the event.

Here’s an interview with the founder of Bikers For Trump.

Great stuff!

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Trump’s inauguration promises to be an inspiring and exciting moment for the country and hopefully the protesters will be kept on the sideline.

Only a few more days left until Donald J. Trump is president.