DAILY DEVOTIONAL: The Law Of The Lord Is Perfect, Refreshing The Soul… Psalm 19:7

Know what needs “refreshing”? My ridiculous garden I try to grow to show kids where food comes from. I might as well just designate it the local critters’ favorite feed. It’s never really worked even for one big salad. I do not have a green thumb, but even I know that dead things – or things almost dead – need refreshing.

Bet you need a little refreshing or revival in your life, too. I do. This nation does. Remember those old traveling tent meetings where a visiting preacher would ask God for a “revival”? Well, don’t wait for a church to put up a tent to come before God and ask to be refreshed. He’ll do it right now, right where you are! When we all do this, our collective prayer for nationwide revival is answered.

The first part of the verse is even more telling: “The law of the Lord is perfect.”

As our nation changes and laws fundamentally transform beyond anything our Founding Father imagined, it’s easy to get discouraged. Even downright angry.

But God’s Word proves itself as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. It shows us not to put hope in things that man concocts. God’s law – and only His law – is perfect.

Sweet Freedom in Action Today, resolve not to look to government to solve your problems or give you peace. Instead, seek and receive God’s revival; you’ll flourish!

– Sarah Palin