Trump Promises To Repeal Obamacare, Pelosi Makes CRAZIEST Statement Yet

Remember when Nancy Pelosi told the country that we had to pass the Affordable Care Act in order to find out what was in it?

Obamacare was then hastily pushed through on partisan lines with no Republican support.

You aren’t going to believe what Nancy is saying about Obamacare now…

I’m sorry. What?

That’s literally the opposite of what happened.

Twitter erupted almost immediately.

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Trump announced today that the pieces are coming together for an Obamacare replacement.

Obama’s disastrous legislation is almost certainly on the way out and Pelosi knows it which is why she is willing to say whatever it takes to sway the voters even if it’s completely false.

The voters know better than that.

They already let us know how they feel about Obama and Pelosi’s policies on November 8th.

H/T Twitchy