EXPOSED! Liberals Blame Trump for Muslim Student Death, Turns out…

The liberal media has once again put the “Trump’s America” label on an altercation that took place outside of a bar in Wisconsin back in November. According to police reports, the fight had absolutely nothing to do with race or politics.

That didn’t stop the left from claiming that Saudi Arabian student Hussain Saeed Alnahdi’s beating was a racially-motivated hate crime. Alnahdi was a Muslim immigrant studying engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Via The Daily Caller:

Nevertheless, The Washington Post suggested on Nov. 1 that Alnahdi’s brutal murder came “at a time when Muslims in the United States have expressed deep concern that they will be the target of hate crimes.” “Many” unidentified “advocates” who are concerned about hate crimes “point to rhetoric from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has at various points called for a complete ban on Muslim immigrants,” the Post proclaimed just prior to the election.

Cullen Osborn will face felony murder and battery charges after he “two pieced” Alnahdi following an argument outside a Topper’s Pizza just after 2AM.

Osborn’s criminal record, including a domestic violence altercation with a 16-year-old girlfriend when he was 18 years old, would suggest this instance was not his first show of aggression.

Numerous media outlets admitted Alnahdi’s death could have simply been the unfortunate result of “a bar fight gone wrong”, but why blame the guy who did it when you could just blame Trump?

Twitter users enthusiastically jumped on board:

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Is anyone really surprised by this, though?

Here’s just one more time that the mainstream media took an unlikely speculation and ran with it, simply because they wanted to.

It’s time we started reporting proven facts alone.

What do you think of the media’s coverage of this story?

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