Franklin Graham Makes SHOCKING Resolution for 2017

The son of renowned preacher Billy Graham, Frankin Graham, took on a New Year’s Resolution in 2017 that surprised many—he’s nixing animal products and going totally vegan.

The President of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Head of the Samaritan’s Purse Association announced his resolution in a Facebook post back in December.

He’d like to get back to the weight he was in college, according to the post, and is convinced he’ll not get there by eating his favorite McDonald’s order—even in moderation.

Check it out:

Graham cited biblical figures, who he said were vegans in there time, and asked Facebook followers for their help.

franklin graham 2

via Christian Post:

“Remember in the Bible, Daniel went on a complete vegetable diet and after 10 days, his appearance was better than the others who hadn’t,” Graham said.

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Graham called on his supporters to help him by posting any great vegetable recipes that they would like to share.

With over 5,600 comments as of Wednesday morning, Graham’s fans gave him a plethora of different advice.

What a cool take on the vegan lifestyle.

frankling graham 1

We’ve got high hopes for Graham on this one!

What was your New Year’s Resolution this year?

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