SURPRISE: Al Sharpton Caught Off-Guard, Confronted LIVE In Baltimore

Al Sharpton got a taste of his own medicine this week when he was shamed on Facebook Live by local Baltimore activists.

A handful of men questioned Sharpton about his intentions when preaching in communities like their own.

The confrontation was posted on Facebook by Duane G. Davis.

Via Free Beacon:

“They come to exploit tragedies and collect money,” Davis said about Sharpton and other high-profile liberal activists. “How much money is he going to get to speak here?”

 One activist repeatedly asked Sharpton what he was doing to help young black men, telling Sharpton that his past activism wasn’t good enough.

You can watch the video here:

Far be it for us to doubt that Sharpton’s been an ally to African Americans, but I hear these guys for being frustrated.

What do you think of Al Sharpton’s role as a voice for these communities?

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