Obama Just Made His Last Order As President. You Won’t Believe What It Was

President Obama commuted 330 felons convicted of drug crimes today—his last day as president.

Per ABC News, the outgoing President now holds the record amongst former United States presidents for number of commutations. His number is 1,715.

He also holds the record for number of commutations granted in a single day—330 as of today.

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The final batch of commutations is the most any U.S. president has issued in a single day. It’s the culmination of a second-term effort to remedy consequences of decades of onerous sentencing requirements that Obama’s said put tens of thousands of drug offenders behind bars for too long.

Obama has referred to this “systematic injustice” throughout his presidency—one which he wanted Congress to act on.

via Chicago Tribune:

“He wanted to do it. He wanted the opportunity to look at as many as he could to provide relief,” Neil Eggleston, Obama’s White House counsel, said in an interview in his West Wing office. “He saw the injustice of the sentences that were imposed in many situations, and he has a strong view that people deserve a second chance.”

Obama’s action is unsurprising.

He granted early release to more than 500 other drug-convicted felons over the past 8 years as well.

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Criminal justice reform probably would’ve been a better alternative to this but, you know, whatever.

At least he can say he chose his legacy.