After Ashley Judd Slams Trump, Her Sister Wynonna SPEAKS OUT

Ashley Judd is one of the many members of Hollywood who has chosen to publicly bash President Trump.

She showed up to the “Women’s March” over the weekend and recited a poem that essentially smeared Trump as a woman hater.

Her well-known sister Wynonna took a different tone.

It looks like the two sisters have a different opinion when it comes to politics.

From IJ Review:

While Wynonna typically uses her social media to spark up conversations with her fans and to share bits of faith, the “Wynonna & The Big Noise” singer addressed her thoughtson her sister’s speech:



Classy tweets from Wynonna.  That’s the kind of attitude Americans should be adopting.

Not the divisive and partisan tone that Ashley has embraced.

Sadly, we are probably going to see a lot more Hollywood elites openly complain about the election not going their way.

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