Ford’s CEO Meets With Trump, Emerges And Says 8 POWERFUL Words

Earlier this month, Ford announced their plan to cancel building a new plant in Mexico while also committing to 700 new jobs in Michigan.

This was widely regarded as a move directly connected to the election of Donald Trump and the belief that a pro-growth economy is set to take off under this new president.

Companies like SoftBank, Chrysler, and Wal-Mart have made similar announcements since Trump’s victory.

Today, Ford’s CEO was at the White House and his message was a reassuring one.

From The Daily Caller:

Ford and General Motors CEOs Mark Fields and Mary Barra met with Donald Trump Tuesday morning to discuss ways to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and they spoke to reporters shortly after leaving the Oval Office.

“As an automotive industry, we employ many people across Americas in good paying jobs, from people who work in our factories, to manufacturers who support our plants with parts, the wonderful dealerships that are located in every community across America who help sell and service our vehicles,” Fields stated. “We are very encouraged by the president and the economic policies that he is forwarding.”

“I think as an industry, we’re excited about working together with the president and his administration, on tax policies and trade to really create a renaissance in American manufacturing,” he added.

Here is some of the video of Fields.

Trump has not even been president a week and he appears to be dead set on fulfilling as many campaign promises as he can as quickly as he can.  He is clearly on the same page with the leaders of some of this country’s biggest job producers.

President Obama presided over the slowest economic recovery since World War II.  You don’t need to be an economist to understand that’s nothing to write home about.

Most economic indicators seem to suggest that President Trump will be able to do much better than that.

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