The Trump Admin Is Paying Tribute To Veterans In An IMPORTANT Way

President Trump has been in office only a few days, but he’s already shaking up the Department of Veterans Affairs in a big way.

A couple of employees in Puerto Rico were fired this week for being “notoriously corrupt” (via The Daily Caller).

We can only assume this will mean major overhaul in the months to come, given the major issues the VA has created over the past few years under the Obama Administration.

Under former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald, the agency ignored years of evidence about shoddy work ethic, theft and whistleblower retaliation. The VA finally began a months-long investigative proceeding last year, after an outside agency, the Office of Special Counsel, prodded VA leadership.

The drama surrounding the VA might be one of the most shameful scandals to come out of Obama’s tenure.

Americans were outraged after the Phoenix VA Hospital was caught cooking their books to hide patient wait times.

Soon after, it was found that more than 200 veterans died while on the wait list to receive care at the hospital.


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