Trump Did Something AMAZING For This FedEx Driver

Back in December, then President-Elect Donald Trump held a meeting with a single father from Illinois.

Shane Bouvet is a FedEx driver who volunteered on the President’s campaign. His father is currently battling cancer.

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Check it out (via Tribunist):

After hearing Bouvet’s story, the then President-Elect invited him to his inauguration. A friend bought Bouvet a suit for the event. Trump personally meet with Bouvet and also personally called his father, Don. According to a report from NewsMax:

“Hey, Don, you have a great name,” Trump said to the father, then added, “You have a good boy.”

The President then signed an autograph for Bouet’s four-year-old son and presented the father with a $10,000 check.

The check arrived in the mail along with a personal note from Trump himself.

It said:

“Shane – you are a great guy – thanks for all of your help.”