After A Week Of Tensions With Iran, Look What Trump’s Doing First Thing Monday

President Trump will pay a visit to U.S. military headquarters in Florida on Monday for a briefing from CENTCOM and USSOCOM, per Daily Mail.

The visit comes following a week of contentious interactions with Iran.

Check it out:

Trump will receive command briefings at MacDill AirForce Base in Tampa from United States Central Command, CENTCOM, and United States Special Operations Command, USSOCOM, officers, the White House says, and have lunch with enlisted troops.

The commander-in-chief will also deliver an address to service personnel at MacDill during the trip that he’s being accompanied on by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford and the White House’s National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

The visit comes just as the United States slapped new sanctions on Iran and refused to rule out additional military and economic punishments.

Trump’s White House put the country ‘on notice’ this week after it illicitly tested ballistic missiles, in violation of a United Nations agreement and followed through on Friday.

The President and First Lady are in Florida this weekend for an internationally-attended Red Cross event at Mar-a-Lago.

The two reunited yesterday at West Palm Beach International Airport. It was Melania’s first public appearance since inaugural activities in January.