The FBI Just Quietly Released A SLEW Of Clinton Documents… Again

Gone are the days of late night Clinton-related media releases… or so we thought.

The FBI just quietly released another slew of documents from the ongoing Clinton email fiasco.

And as usual, there’s plenty worth mentioning in this particular dump.

Of the notable bullets, the following is, by far, the most interesting (via The Conservative Treehouse):

Page 55 is really interesting because it shows the results of a forensic examination on July 15th 2016 which discovered 1,539 work related emails between Clinton and Huma Abedin that were not turned over to the State Department.   The 7/15/16 date is important because this discovery was AFTER FBI Director James Comey gave the press conference stating the FBI did not -at that time- have evidence to support a criminal finding.

Supposedly this is the last drop from the FBI on Clinton’s investigation (the file is titled 6 of 6).

Here’s the full document below:

FBI Release Hillary Clinton Investigation Part 06 by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd